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Developing leaders, building teams, and creating exceptional workplaces one HEART at a time.

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People Optimum Consulting, LLC is an African-American, woman-owned Human Resources Consulting practice based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and serving companies nationwide. 

We specialize in delivering workforce and leadership developmentexecutive coaching, and strategic HR consulting services via our signature, HEART© centered approach.  We work closely with you to customize our offerings to meet your unique needs.

Our clients include medium and large-sized companies, Fortune 100, and Government.  Healthcare, automotive, food processing, manufacturing, and other service-based industries.

Our Services

HR Consulting

Our human resources and business consultants provide expert guidance, proven methodologies and innovative solutions to meet your unique business needs. 


Executive Coaching

Coaching for executives, entrepreneurs, and growth-stage professionals.

Training (1)

Leadership Training & Development

Training leaders/ employees in the specific skills required in collaboration: appreciating others, purposeful conversations, creatively resolving conflicts and managing programs.





Businesses thrive because of the people who are a part of the team.  We believe that the single most important investment is in people. We want to be a true partner in seeing people and organizations be successful. 




Excellence is the result of outstanding people, intentional design, and a culture of quality.  Our commitment to our clients is to provide excellent partnership in every engagement.




We believe that every person and every organization can reach its full potential by optimizing resources – people, systems, and structures.  At the heart of what we do is our interest in seeing you reach your full potential.

What Our Clients Say

"Mildred came today and inspired our team about how we can continue to build culture. I feel the takeaways that we got will help us continue to build what we've started here in this organization, and we look forward to working with Mildred again in the future." -Sean Casler, Regional Sales Director, Allwell/Centene Corporations, Inc.


"People Optimum Consulting LLC provides top-notch professional services in a timely manner. Mildred has extensive knowledge in HR and other areas, and I highly recommend this company."  - LaTesha Wells, Executive, Crimson Restoration Services, LLC


"Recently I had the pleasure of having Mildred speak at a Women's Conference. She was very professional and personable. I had the opportunity to read over the attendee surveys and the ladies found her input to be encouraging and relatable. I look forward to working with this powerhouse in the future."  - Caramyl Drake, Community Development Program Manager, Tuscaloosa BUILDS


"Mrs. Mildred has made a tremendous impact on my personal training business. With her guidance and mentorship, I have been able to further expand my vision for my training business and put new strategies in place to grow. Having Mrs. Mildred as a business consultant and coach is not only about the growth of your business, but also the growth of yourself as a leader and business owner. She motivates you to do what you think is impossible. Mrs. Mildred encourages your dreams and gives you strategies on how to accomplish each one. I am positive that my personal training business will encounter much success with Mrs. Mildred; of People Optimum Consulting, guiding me along the way."  - Jessica Dunnigan, Founder, Fearlessly Fit


"I think the training and development were exactly what we needed, and I think it will help us to level up our skills in our interactions with our teammates. I really appreciate what we saw today." - Tom, Director, Operations and Safety, Mercedes Road and Rail


People Optimum Consulting LLC

Creating Exceptional Workplaces

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